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Some Interesting Facts

  • Americans drink more than One BILLION glasses of water per day.
  • On average, 50-70% of home water is used outdoors for watering lawns and gardens. Daily indoor per capita water use in a home with no water-conserving fixtures is 74 gallons.
  • Toilets are the number one biggest water user in the home. Approximately 28% of the home's water is used here.
  • Would you believe showers use almost 15% more water than the average bath?
  • By installing more efficient water fixtures and regularly checking for leaks, you can reduce daily per capita water use by almost 30%.
  • Average household water use annually = 127,400 gallons. Average daily household water use = 350 gallons.
  • It takes about 4,776 gallons of water to raise a Christmas tree.
  • After thanksgiving dinner in 1999, 16.4 million Americans watched football. At half-time, American toilets flushed 16.4 million times and used 48.5 million gallons of water.

Source : American Water Works Association