Do you really watch your water use?

Take a moment to check some of the ways you can conserve.

Got kids? How long are they in the shower?

Is the toilet drip free? Drop food coloring into the back of the tank,
if in 10 minutes or less color appears in the bowl the seal is leaking by.

Do you always set the washing machine
level, or do you just fi ll it up regardless of the load?

When you wash your car do you let the
hose run or use a bucket and a valve on the house to shut the flow off when not needed?

Are all your faucets drip free?

How about watering the flowers, lawn and garden? Only you know how long you let water run.

Automated sprinklers? Got rain control or a moisture sensor that keeps them off when not really needed; or do you water even in the rain due to a timer just being set to GO.

A little caution and a minute or two to
check can save lots of money and just as important conserve water!!

Some Interesting Facts
  • Americans drink more than One BILLION glasses of water per day.
  • On average, 50-70% of home water is used outdoors
    for watering lawns and gardens. Daily indoor per capita water use in a home with no water-conserving
    fixtures is 74 gallons.
  • Toilets are the number one biggest water user in the home. Approximately 28% of the home�s water is used here.
  • Would you believe showers use almost 15% more water than the average bath?
  • By installing more efficient water
    fixtures and regularly checking for leaks, you can reduce daily per
    capita water use by almost 30%.
  • Average household water use annually = 127,400 gallons. Average daily household water use = 350 gallons.
  • It takes about 4,776 gallons of water to raise a Christmas tree.
  • After thanksgiving dinner in 1999, 16.4 million Americans watched football. At half-time, American toilets flushed 16.4 million times and used 48.5 million gallons of water.

    Source: Ammican Water Works Association Weather conditions

Water Trivia Facts
test your knowledge

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