Your Water District has
come a long, long way.

We are constantly working to improve water quality. Our staff is fully trained and certified by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Our field operators are required to be licensed by the state to maintain employment. Not all Water Departments require this as a condition of employment.

Mission Statement
Our mission at Jackson County Public Water Supply District 12 is quite simply to provide the highest quality drinking water we possibly can. While doing so we are mindful of costs. While looking towards the future of the District, we strive to keep updating our system with new water mains in an effort to improve water quality,

Efforts are always underway at improving our distribution system. Our efforts are always mindful of you our customer.
Kent Warner
Board President

Kent Warner was elected President of the Board of Directors in 2014. He has served as a member of the Board since 2010 representing Sub-District #5.

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Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors is a five member
board of volunteers. Each boardmember is elected to a three year term.

From the left is Ron Baldwin, Sharon Shephard, Elaine Chapman - Vice, Gary Wesselschmidt, and Kent Warner - President.

Meet the JCPWSD12 Water Staff
You can be confident and proud of the staff. From the left is Russell for Field Operations, Sharon in Customer Service, Vickie the General Manager and Jennifer in Administrative Support.

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